Mujeres con Visiones

I worked in Huanchaco, Peru with the women of Cerrito de la Virgen. We have a knitting and crochet group that meets two times a week to work together, chat, and elevate the community.

Our goal is to start a small business where the women sell their products within Peru, Sweden, and the U.S. and then use the money to elevate their families lives. All of these women have children and are looking for ways to provide for their families, send their kids to school, and create a safe environment for their children to grow.

In this community, the illiteracy rate is extremely high, domestic violence is more frequent than not, and women do not know their rights or worth. We are hoping to create a community where women are valued, girls learn confidence and self-respect, and women and girls know their power and speak their truth.

These products are symbols of hope for a better future. They are a small flame that has ignited a big dream of possibility for the lives of the generations to come.  The women have not only gained confidence in their talents at knitters, but have gained confidence in their value as human beings.

Since January 2014, our group has grown from zero to a steady seven women who are dedicated and motivated. While nothing is perfect or goes as smoothly as planned, I have seen a growing sense of hope and trust. So, this is a project of knitting and crochet, yes. But, more than that, it is an opportunity to show these women they are full of potential, talent, and capability. They have worth and they have a light inside of them to shine on the world.

Please visit the facebook page: Mujeres con Visiones

If you are interested in buying or selling the products, please contact me at



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