Malayeka Charity Empowerment Fund

What good deed have you done today?

Each day I challenge myself to do one nice things for someone else. It may be a random act of kindness or for someone you love. Whatever you do, at the end of the day, you made the world a little kinder. You filled the world with a little more love.

Not everyone wants to give up their life to volunteer. I know I am an exception. However, no matter where you are or what you do, you have the ability to make your impact, as well.

My partner, Coco, and I have founded a community center in Cerrito de la Virgen. Our mission is to empower women and children through self-love and education. I know you can’t be here with me, but in this video you get to see what we are doing. This is our center. This is my life. This is my love and passion. I can’t wait for you to see it:)

We are fundraising to raise money for a water tank. Why? No one is this community has running water. They wait on the corner each Tuesday with buckets to fill them with enough water to last them until the next truck comes. This could be a week, two weeks, or more. We work with over 100 people at the center. We have bathrooms and a shower right now that are not functioning because of our lack of water. Not only that, but more importantly, we will be able to provide filtered water to EVERY person that comes to this center plus their families. I cannot even begin to express the importance of this step.

After we raise enough money for the tank, we will then beautify the landscape. We are doing this to improve the learning environment the women and children are in. But, not just that. We are showing them that people from all over the world believe in them, believe they are worth their time and money, and to show they deserve something inspiring and beautiful. For their entire lives, they have been told how poor they are, how they won’t amount to anything, and they existence isn’t acknowledged by the government. So, together, let’s how they they are worth it and their lives matter. Because for the first time, they are being offered a chance and hope for a better future.

Check out the video and link below:


Check it out, pass it on, and if we are lucky, maybe we will be part of your one good deed for the day:) I may be biased, but I think it should be shouted from the mountain tops!:)


Imagination: The fountain of Youth for the Soul

Illusion and imagination, are they fiction or tall tales? Is it something that is a false reality which keeps us hopeful and wanting more? What role do they play in life and is it an important one?

Imagination feeds the soul, but the youthful habits we create are soon forgotten and cast away. We outgrow them and assume limiting thoughts and pessimistic views. Imagination feeds creativity and creativity feeds imagination. Creativity then sparks the flame of the soul where our true essence resides. Our true essence is ignited by imagination and creativity, but then why does society hold us back from this creative expression? Imagine a society where creativity is not only appreciated, but encouraged.

The kids kick around a deflated rubber ball for hours in the hot sun. The loud “smack” sound vibrates back and forth between the walls as the air is slowly being seeped out between the bonds of rubber.  The children’s smiles are wide and their hearts are open. This ball, a simple piece of what seems to be brokenness, allows them to live in their essence and spread joy to the world around them. They kick the ball with all their force past the boy standing in an imaginary goal. With imagination, their tattered clothes turn into brand new jerseys that shine in the sunlight and their bare feet become covered in leather boots. Their skin, shimmering with sweat and dirt, becomes clean and soft as their imaginations transform their world into a stadium filled with fans cheering their name. A reality very far from the one they currently exist in.

As the ball hits the wall, it stops dead in its tracks as it falls to the dirty concrete ground. It just lies there, lifeless, waiting to be given the breath of life by the joy of the children’s kick and laughter. The children do not see it as deflated, defeated, old, or not good enough. The children see the potential in this brokenness. They fill the cracks with their optimism and pure innocence and in an instant this deflated ball becomes a world of possibility. Their imprisoned life transforms into unlimited potential.

For a moment, poverty disappears and lack is changed to abundance. With the simple tool of imagination, anything can be created and any possibility can manifest. With imagination, inequality does not exist, but rather a hope for a better world for everyone who walks the planet.

This power is not to be underestimated. The power of imagination has the potential to transform the world as it has done in these children’s lives. Because of imagination, they have hope, they have dreams, they have joy. They soon forget their unmistakable reality and live in a hopeful state of mind. This may be the only state of mind that will allow them to be able to transform their dreams into their truth and end the cycle of poverty.

Too soon we dismiss imagination and creativity as childish ways and false hope. We encourage kids to grow up fast and replace their imagination with piano lessons, soccer games, and math homework. We undervalue the importance of imaginary friends and fairy tale worlds. Although we may not see it, does not mean it does not exist. How do dreams come true if imaginary worlds were not real at one time?

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